Today! Penny Forward’s Financial Sense¢ Program: How Accessible is Your Bank

Attention Penny Forward supporters

We are excited to be holding Penny Forward’s upcoming Financial Sense¢ program, “How Accessible is Your Bank?” The program will take place on Thursday, May 18th and will be hosted on both Clubhouse and Zoom. We invite you to register for the Zoom room information now to join the discussion.


Save the Date

May 18, 2023.

7:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Central,  5:30pm Mountain, 4:30pm Pacific.


What to expect

During this program, we want to hear from you! We are asking participants to share their banking experiences, particularly as they relate to accessibility for individuals with visual disabilities. Chris will be guiding the discussion and providing prompts for sharing, and you can expect to hear from a variety of voices and perspectives.


We will be on zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Clubhouse.

Register for Zoom information

House Link

and Clubhouse Event Link

Our Facebook Page

Our Youtube Channel



Send any comments or questions to…


Thank you for your interest in Penny Forward’s Financial Sense¢ program. By coming together to share our experiences, we can create a more inclusive and accessible financial system for all. We hope to see you on May 18th for this important conversation.

The Penny Forward Team

One response to “Today! Penny Forward’s Financial Sense¢ Program: How Accessible is Your Bank”

  1. Chris Peterson Avatar
    Chris Peterson

    I’m really excited to hear what people have to say about this!

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