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Penny Forward is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization founded and led by blind people. Through education, mentoring, and mutual support, we help each other learn to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance. We offer self-paced online financial education courses, weekly and monthly personal finance workshops, and one to one financial counseling provided by blind financial counselors.

Penny Forward

Do you want to become a better manager of money but you’re feeling a little lost?

Our self-paced online courses will provide both the blind and sighted communities with tools and techniques they can use to navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance. In addition, you will also have access to exclusive member-only Zoom chats where you can ask questions and practice your growing money management skills with other members and our instructors. You can also schedule one to one sessions for more personalized help. If that isn’t enough, you’ll also get early access to all Penny Forward podcast episodes, A members only newsletter, and bonus content created exclusively for our members.

And, thanks to a generous donation from YNAB (You Need A Budget), we’re able to offer a limited number of YNAB subscriptions to our monthly and yearly members for free. This is one of the most accessible budgeting apps we know of, and the subscription alone is worth the price of a Penny Forward membership. Don’t delay, though, because these subscriptions won’t last.

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Penny Forward is committed to transparency to our members and supporters. Use these links to learn more about all aspects of Penny Forward.

Penny Forward

Your support helps us continue our mission of providing accessible financial education to people who are blind. Choose a sponsorship tier that aligns with your commitment to financial literacy and enjoy the exclusive benefits that come with each level.

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Online Courses

Penny Forward’s self-paced courses have been designed to make it easy for people with and without vision loss to learn without having to learn how to navigate a complicated learning management system. Take as many courses as you want, and work through them at your own pace. And, if you need any help, we’re available by email at any time or by phone every weekday.

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From Workshops, Book Brunch, and Webinars, Penny Forward is your resource for the latest financial information, tools and tips.

  • Blindness and Mental Health Summit:


    Join us for the first annual Blindness and Mental Health Summit! The Summit is the largest online gathering of organizations and consumers sharing information, resources, and services focusing on mental health in the blindness, low vision, and disability communities. It is 100% virtual and will have ASL interpreters. Providers will also be able to earn…

  • Early Access Podcast Episode Released To Members: Unmute

    06/18/2024: 6:00 am

    Chris and Liz sit down with Marty Sobo from the Unmute family of podcasts to talk about his vision loss journey and how he, along with his business partner, Michael Babcock, built their family of educational content to help the blind community learn to use technology to live, work, and play. In addition to our…

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Penny Forward provides helpful information related to personal finance, investing, budgeting, and financial management through our blog and weekly newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to receive updates on the latest posts!

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  • Research Title: Language Preferences of Blind and Visually Impaired Adults

    Being conducted by: Rowan University Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to understand the language preferences of adults with visual impairments in the United States. Specific aims of the study: The first aim of this study is to examine the preferences people with visual impairments have with respect to identity-first and…

  • Vision Rehabilitation Week

    Join Us to Celebrate and Commemorate Vision Rehabilitation Week – June 10-16. Help Spread The Word About Life-Changing Programs! Almost 20 million people in the US live with blindness, low vision, and visual impairment, which often creates significant challenges with everyday activities. Vision Rehabilitation services and training can dramatically increase confidence, safety, and independence. Although a…

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The Penny Forward Podcast is a show about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. It’s released every other Tuesday and guest and paid members get access to every episode a week early.

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  • Podcast Episode Released to Public: Visionary Career Liz Bottner’s Employment Journey

    Continuing the theme of “employment”, Chris and Moe sit down with Penny Forward’s Vice President Liz Bottner to discuss her employment journey ultimately leading to her position as Assistive Technology Specialist for the Library of Congress. Liz tell us all about her employment history and what she believes is key to being successfully employed as…

  • Podcast Episode Released to Public: Business Start-up Microcredential

    Liz and Moe sit down with Heather Miller, director of education and training at World Services for the Blind, to learn about the new Small Business Professional microcredential offered by WSB, The Chicago Lighthouse, and Miami University. The Chicago Lighthouse Miami University Microcredential equips prospective entrepreneurs to gain the knowledge and skills needed for starting…

Join our Book Brunch

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Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM Central Time

Dive into a unique literary experience every Tuesday morning at our ‘Tuesday’s Turning Pages Book Brunch.’ Delve into insightful discussions on financially based books and actively explore their suggestions as we read together. All featured books in our book brunch series are accessible in the NLS Catalog, free for blind individuals to sign up. Additionally, many titles are available in various formats on Amazon and other platforms. In this engaging book club, we’ll focus on one book for two months, allowing ample time to absorb and discuss the material. The reading workload between meetings will vary based on each book, ensuring a flexible and enjoyable experience for all participants. Join us on Tuesdays for a flavorful blend of finance and literature!

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  • Recording Tuesday’s Turning Pages Book Brunch June 4: The Total Money Makeover

    We read Maximize Retirement Investing: Be Financially Healthy for Life & College Funding: Make Sure The Kids Are Fit Too We have provided the recording for those that may not have been able to join, or for those that wish to replay some of the conversation. Please note that these recordings may be edited for…

  • Recording Tuesday’s Turning Pages Book Brunch May 28: The Total Money Makeover

    We read The Debt Snowball: Lose Weight Fast, Really & Finish the Emergency Fund: Kick Murphy Out We have provided the recording for those that may not have been able to join, or for those that wish to replay some of the conversation. Please note that these recordings may be edited for privacy or may…

Learn Together at our Wednesday Workshops

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Each week, Penny Forward members meet to learn from and support each other as they become better money managers. These workshops are recorded so members can listen to workshops they missed or refer back to particularly memorable topics.

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Join our Monthly Financial Sense¢ Live Stream

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Join us every third Thursday for Financial Sense¢, a monthly public live stream and Zoom call offered through the American Council of the Blind Community Events platform. These calls feature engaging speakers and interactive discussions about financial topics of interest to people with and without vision loss.

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Financial Counseling

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Penny Forward’s unique approach to financial counseling bridges the gap between expertise and experience, offering tailored support specifically designed for the blind community. Our team of financial counselors, all accredited with the prestigious AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) certification, stand at the forefront of financial education and empowerment for individuals navigating financial challenges with visual impairments.

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Financial Calculators and Tools

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There are any number of online tools that can help you to better understand your finances. We’ve selected the ones that work best with a screen reader.

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Your donations help blind and disabled people learn to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance through online courses and group and one to one mentoring. Please donate $19 per month to continue this life-changing work.

We accept:

  • Online donations by debit or credit card.
  • Donations of securities.
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions.
  • fDonations from workplace giving platforms.
  • And more.

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