Penny Forward
Penny Forward
Chris Peterson and Liz Bottner

The Penny Forward podcast is about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. We're blind people learning to be successful in our personal, professional, and financial lives.

This week Chris, Liz, and MOe share with you some of what they know about ABLE accounts. Thanks to an omnibus spending bill passing and change effecting ABLE accounts, they felt this was a very timely topic to share the good news. *NOTE… As we have not seen the bill itself, we have found out since we recorded that the age increase does not go into effect until 2026, but it is still happening. ¬† Click here to see the transcript… ¬† Show Notes… Penny Forward [email protected] ¬† ABLE Accounts: ¬† ¬† Post Production help Brynn Lee: ¬† Transcription Anne Verduin Listen Below…
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