Social Security Administration Announces Web Site Redesign

Today the Social Security Administration launched a redesigned web site that makes it easier to apply for and manage your Social Security benefits. “We’ve redesigned our website to serve you better”, the SSA says in the email announcement they sent this morning. Blind people are really going to like this site redesign. It’s now easy to find out how to handle the most common Social Security issues right from the home page. Some of these include: • Checking eligibility for benefits • Applying for benefits • Appealing a decision • Updating direct deposit information • Repaying or requesting a waver of overpaid benefits While these links make it easier to find out how to appeal decisions or request a benefit repayment waver, it’s unfortunate that the waver and appeals processes still need to be handled by mail or over the phone. The announcement says that more improvements are on the way. We hope those improvements include online appeal and waver forms. Visit The Social Security Administration’s Web Site

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