Save The Dates: Penny Forward Needs Your Wisdom

The Story So Far

Penny Forward began our planning process with a goal of crafting our next three-year strategy about four months ago. Since then, we’ve gathered data, talk to several of you to gather ideas, and even hosted and attended gatherings; all of this activity has generated a clearer understanding by the board of how Penny Forward can best help you, our members and partners.  And, now, the board is ready to synthesize the final strategic plan, and we need your input.


Save the dates and join our open Member Chats — September 13, 20, and 27

The members and partners, and even those who are still exploring the benefits of Penny Forward, are at the center of our mission and our vision. As a young organization, the Penny Forward leadership believes that the more we include you in creating our next strategy, the more effective we’ll be in making sure our work transcends barriers to our success and helps to educate a financially empowered community.

Did you know that each week we invite our members to join us on Wednesday, 6:30 to 7:30 PM Central for a members-only chat? Well, on September 13, 20, and 27, the board has decided to open this meeting to everyone and to hold a three meeting summit designed to:

Review data gathered by the board;

Celebrate successes of Penny Forward thus far;

Gain consensus on the future of Penny Forward, including mission, vision, goals, tactical plans, and other strategic priorities; and, Create an opportunity for Penny Forward members to plug into and own the Penny Forward Strategy.

We’ll be sharing more information over the next month, but for now, please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Penny Forward has always said we are about best serving the blind and disabled community, and this is your opportunity to directly influence what Penny Forward does to best serve you. Stay tuned for more and see you there.

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