Recording Financial Sense¢: Blind Travel

Blind Travel Recording

If you missed the program feel free to listen to the recording. You can also find the replay on our Facebook Live or Youtube Live accounts.

Event Description

Embark on a transformative journey with Financial Sense¢ as we explore the fascinating world of blind travel. Join us on May 16th for an enlightening event where we’ll unravel the mysteries of navigating the globe with vision impairment, all while keeping your finances in check.

Introductions (5 minutes):

  • Get acquainted with Penny Forward as we kick off the event.
  • Extend our gratitude to the ACB Community for their support.
  • Introduce our esteemed guest, Linsay, from Vision Loss Travel.

Vision Loss Travel (20 minutes):

  • Hear Linsay’s inspiring story of how she got started with Vision Loss Travel.
  • Explore the invaluable services and resources that Vision Loss Travel provides to the blind community.
  • Engage in a short 5-minute Q&A session to delve deeper into Vision Loss Travel’s mission and offerings.

Finances of Travel (20 minutes):

  • Learn essential tips for creating travel budgets that cater to the needs of blind travelers.
  • Discover effective cost-cutting measures to make your travel experiences more affordable.
  • Understand the concept of priority spending and how it applies to blind travel.
  • Participate in a brief Q&A session to address any specific financial questions you may have.

Ask the Experts (10 minutes):

  • Open the floor to a dynamic Q&A session where you can ask any blind travel or travel finance questions.
  • Get tips and advice from the community.
  • Seek financial advice from Penny Forward on other topics, as time allows.

Closing (5 minutes):

  • Wrap up the night’s discussion, summarizing key takeaways from our exploration of blind travel and financial planning.
  • Provide an overview of upcoming events and initiatives from Penny Forward and Vision Loss Travel.
  • Extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for joining us on this enlightening journey.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support as we embark on this transformative adventure together. Let’s explore and empower each other to embrace the world of blind travel with confidence and determination!

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