Penny Forward Podcast: Taxes With A Blind CPA with guest Cody Bair

Penny Forward Podcast: S2024 E5: Taxes With A Blind CPA with guest Cody Bair

In this episode of the Penny Forward podcast, hosts Chris Peterson and MOe Carpenter are joined by Cody Bair, a blind CPA from Colorado who specializes in research and development tax credits. With co-host Liz Bottner attending the American Council of the Blind D.C. Leadership Conference, the conversation is focused on understanding taxes from a blind person’s perspective. Cody shares his extensive experience and provides insights on various methods of filing taxes, emphasizing the use of e-filing for efficiency and security. He covers essential documents needed for tax preparation, such as W-2s and 1099s, and stresses the importance of organization and safety when submitting sensitive information.

Cody outlines the difference between tax deductions and credits, highlighting the increased standard deduction for blind individuals and the potential for a tax credit for accessible technology purchases. He also discusses the accessibility of tax software like TurboTax, offering personal anecdotes on its ease of use and potential hurdles for visually impaired users.

Additionally, Cody touches on the Vita program, a valuable resource for individuals with incomes under $64,000, and the IRS’s ability to produce notices in alternative formats, which can aid visually impaired individuals in timely responding to IRS communications.

Show notes

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Cody Bair Phone: (970) 673-6998

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