Penny Forward Unveils ‘Employment Essentials’ Course to Transform Job Searching for the Blind

Minneapolis, MN – As the nation eagerly anticipates a midsummer pause to reflect on our nation’s independence, Penny Forward INC, a dedicated 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization rooted in Minnesota, is thrilled to unveil its new financial literacy initiative designed to empower greater independence within the visually impaired community. Entitled “Employment Essentials: A Guide to Finding and Landing a Great Job,” this transformative course pledges to equip the over 20 million Americans with vision loss with the tools necessary for a successful job search.

Despite daunting statistics from the National Federation of the Blind showing that only 29 percent of working-age individuals in the blind community are employed full-time, and over a million are living below the poverty line, hope sparks anew with education. The American Foundation for the Blind highlights the importance of education, networking, mentorship, and personal competencies which are crucial for career advancement among those with vision loss.

The “Employment Essentials” course at Penny Forward INC addresses these challenges head-on. This program is a beacon of hope, offering clarity and confidence for those navigating job searches and employer communications concerning vision impairment. Course participants will begin:

  • Understanding social security work incentive programs and aligning them with career and financial goals.
  • Identifying personal strengths, passions, and professional aspirations.
  • Building a personal brand with practical tips on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and networking.
  • Enhancing their social media presence strategically.
  • Mastering networking strategies to elevate their self-worth, showcase their value, and demonstrate employable skills.
  • Developing confidence in self-presentation, including interview and networking techniques.
  • Tailoring strategies for disclosing their vision impairment effectively.

Penny Forward INC is dedicated to reducing the anxiety and stress associated with job searching for the blind and visually impaired. This course empowers participants to make informed decisions for their financial well-being and career advancement.

Christopher Peterson, Founder and CEO of Penny Forward INC, states, “With the ‘Employment Essentials’ course, we are laying down the cornerstone of knowledge that will enable individuals with vision impairments to confidently tackle the job market. Our commitment to promoting financial literacy and inclusivity stands firm, as we strive to ensure every member of our community achieves economic stability and a promising future.”

The “Employment Essentials” course is readily accessible through Penny Forward INC’s website and its iOS and Android apps, making it available to blind individuals nationwide. For more details and to enroll, please visit


Founded in 2021, Penny Forward is a nonprofit organization founded and led by people who are blind. Through education, mentoring, and mutual support, they help their community learn to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance. They envision a world where people who are blind are financially secure, have the financial capability to confidently weather hard times, take advantage of life-changing opportunities, and more powerfully impact causes they care deeply about. Since their founding, they have served over thirty thousand visitors to their website, released nearly 100 podcast episodes, launched six online courses, held over 80 workshops, and exhibited at the American Council of the Blind and National Federation of the Blind national consumer conventions. Their work is supported by individual donations and generous corporate sponsorships from Wells Fargo, Thrivent, AT Guys, Blind Girl Designs, Guidelights and Gadgets, Pneuma Solutions, and Unmute. More information about Penny Forward and how to support their work can be found at their website,

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