Penny Forward Podcast: What Bill is This?

This is a live recording in which we shared our techniques for identifying currency as the United States has yet to give us accessible paper currency.


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Show notes

ACB Accessible Currency Rally

This link takes you to the Facebook Live footage from the March 10th Rally in Washington D.C.


Show Us the Money Podcast

Our first podcast released in March 2023 on this accessible currency topic.


Money Identifier 

This link will take you to the application to get your free money identifier from the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing  

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One response to “Penny Forward Podcast: What Bill is This?”

  1. dogdad87 Avatar

    Love This !! my thoughts on this
    This is such an informative and helpful article! It’s great to see individuals sharing their techniques for identifying currency, especially since the United States has yet to provide accessible paper currency. The links provided to the Facebook Live footage, podcast, and application for a free money identifier are also incredibly helpful resources. It’s wonderful to see such dedication and effort put into making currency accessible to everyone. Thank you for all the hard work and support!
    Thanks – PomKing

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