Penny Forward Podcast: Wander Without Limits with Ted Tahquechi of Blind Travels Blog

Ted and Fauna, his guide dog. They are both sitting on a bench looking over their shoulders at the camera. They are both wearing hats and a cloudy view of the rocky mountains can be seen in the background.

In this installment of the Penny Forward podcast, we are joined by Ted Tahquechi, a visually impaired adventurer and the mind behind the Blind Travels blog. He recounts his personal odyssey and imparts wisdom for traversing the globe with impaired vision. He also sheds light on the significance of adaptive technology and service animals, and the crucial skills of problem-solving and raising awareness. we also discuss atypical career paths for those with visual impairments. To wrap up, Ted emphasizes his initiative on tactile imagery to enhance accessibility.

Show notes

Ted Tahquechi of Blind Travels Blog

Blog: Blind Travels


Facebook: BlindTravels

X (Twitter): @nedskee

Andy Warhol Foundation: Home page

Redline Contemporary Art Center: Home page

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Post Production help provided by Brynn Lee:

Transcription provided by Anne Verduin

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