Have you ever worked hard for a goal, only to have something come up that set you back and made your hard work seem wasted? Setbacks occur throughout our lives and being prepared to deal with them is an important part of setting yourself up for success. In this episode, you’ll learn some strategies for dealing with setbacks no matter where they arise.

This episode is a compilation of excerpts from our monthly American Council of the Blind community event. ACB community events are free and open to anyone. Learn how to join us at https://www.acb.org/acb-community-events

A full text transcript of this episode can be found at https://pennyforward.com/?p=3382&preview=true

The Penny Forward podcast is about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. Listen by asking your smart speaker to play the podcast, “Penny Forward”, searching for “Penny Forward” using your favorite podcast app, or by visiting pennyforward.com/podcast.

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