Penny Forward Podcast: How a Veteran Reinvented Himself and Coded us Zanagrams (Mentions of attempted suicide)

Trigger Warning: The following podcast episode contains discussions related to attempted suicide. We understand that this topic may be sensitive and potentially distressing for some listeners. While we approach this topic with care and sensitivity, we want to emphasize that it may evoke emotional responses or trigger personal experiences. We encourage you to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being throughout the episode and to reach out to appropriate support resources if needed. One resource is to call the 988 hotline. Listener discretion is advised.
In this episode we shed light on the journey of a veteran who went through challenging experiences, including his blindness resulting from an attempted suicide, and how he found his way out of darkness through his creation of the Zanagrams word game app.


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Show notes


(Will update as soon as the app is available.)

Dark Horse Game Studios: Zach’s website

Hacking with Swift: How HZach got started.

VA Rehab. (Veteran Services)


Penny Forward

Clubhouse House

Post Production help
Brynn Lee:


Anne Verduin


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