Penny Forward Podcast: Discount Cellphone Plans

Welcome to Penny Forward, the podcast that helps you save money and stay financially savvy. In this episode, our hosts Chris, Liz, and MOe are joined by special guest Al to discuss why you may want to switch to a discount cellphone provider to help you save money on your monthly phone bill. We also answered listener questions about making the switch.

Join our hosts and resident money-saving experts as they dive into the world of discount cellphone providers, exploring the benefits of switching to a more affordable plan, discussing the most common reasons people switch providers, and offering tips on how to make a smooth transition.

Whether you’re tired of overpaying for your phone bill, looking to reduce your monthly expenses, or simply want to get the most value for your money, this episode is for you. So sit back, relax, and let Chris, Liz, MOe, and Al help you make the most of your phone plan. Tune in to Penny Forward for all your money-saving needs!

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Show Notes…


From Al


Sites with info and reviews on latest phone plans:

Best Phone, offers articles, reviews   and news about latest phone plans. Advice on everything from cell plans to streaming TV to credit cards: Another good comparison/review site



These trials require esim compatible phones.

T-mobile Network Pass. Try T-Mobile free for 3 months.

Verizon Trial, free for 30 days:

Cricket Wireless. Try the AT&T Network free for 14 days:

Contact Al

Twitter: @alpuzz

Penny Forward



Post Production help

Brynn Lee:



Anne Verduin

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