Penny Forward Podcast Archive: Accessibility’s Final Frontier

As we finish off one year and head off onto another, we dove into the archive to update this past ep. This was the first launch of this program that is being discussed, and it is to our understanding that the second launch of this kind has now happened.


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Will blind people ever live and work in space? This week, on the Penny Forward Podcast, Sheri Wells-Jensen will tell us why she, and Mission: AstroAccess believe that it’s critical that even an environment as hostile as space must be accessible to everyone. We’ll also learn how it feels to experience zero gravity and how you can get involved with Mission: AstroAccess and their on-going research into accessibility’s final frontier.


Show Notes…

Sheri mentioned…

one of her bands Grand Royale ukuleists of the Black Swamp

books mentioned

Becky Chambers “Wayfarer” series

Hineline’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”


Listen Below…

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