Oct Read Along You are a badass at making money: Week 1

Oct’s Read Along

Join our read along for an exciting journey into “You Are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero. Get ready to unlock your financial potential, embrace abundance, and conquer your money mindset. Our discussion will inspire, motivate, and provide practical insights to transform your relationship with money. Let’s embark on this empowering financial adventure together. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your financial goals. Grab your copy and join the conversation!
As we want to make sure your holiday season isn’t over filled, we are bumping up our book discussion to Oct. and holding our discussion on Nov. 1. 
Each week we will post suggested reading, a couple chapters at a time. By the last Wed of the month we will be ready for our group discussion on the book, which will be the topic of our Member’s Only Group Chat. 
While our members only group chat discussion of this book, is a member’s only perk, there is nothing holding anyone back from participating in our read along via the blog or social media.  We of course would love to have you join us. 

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Recommended Reading…

Week 1

As the book doesn’t have any resource chapters at the end, which we usually save for the last week, this week is going to look a little heavy, just so we can have a lighter read as our last post is only 2 days before the discussion.


Chapter 1: Allowance

Chapter 2. Why You Ain&&#CVT#apos;t Rollin&&#CVT#apos; in the Cheddah. Yet.

(or in other words, Why You Aint Rollin in the Cheddah, Yet, but that is not how it is written for the screen reader.)

Chapter 2A: A Tiny but Mighty Chapter About Universal Intelligence


You are a badass at making money: master the mindset of wealth

By, Sincero, Jen.


Author of You Are a Badass (DB 91581) presents a guide to personal finance. Topics include budgeting, adjusting your mindset, following your dreams, and developing smart personal-finance practices. Includes exercises on budgeting and shifting mindset. Strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2017.


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NLS Bard Audio Book: DB 93784 



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2 responses to “Oct Read Along You are a badass at making money: Week 1”

  1. Monica Carpenter Avatar
    Monica Carpenter

    This book does have some follow up questions at the end of the chapters. Let’s see what you think…
    1. What are some reasons you deserve money?
    2. What are some beautiful things in the world because of money?
    3. What are awesome things and/or experiences that money will add to your life?
    4. How will I be able to benefit others, if I have money?

  2. Monica Carpenter Avatar
    Monica Carpenter

    More questions from Chapter 2
    Identify some things your parents taught you about money. (your money beliefs)
    Use the process from the chapter to reframe any negative beliefs into positive ones.
    Identify the real question, answer that question, and then reframe the belief.

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