Members Only Group Chat Recording: July 19 Top Tips for Big Event Satisfaction

Top Tips for Big Event Satisfaction

Thank you for joining us for this week’s members-only group chat, where we traded practical strategies on planning for big events. The focus of our discussion was on making the most out of experiences like the recent blindness conventions we attended.

Two weeks ago, over 3300 blind people like us attended the two largest blindness conventions in the United States. These conventions presented us with incredible opportunities to participate in advocacy, connect with like-minded attendees, and explore the latest assistive technology. However, we also know that attending such events can incur significant costs, and sometimes we may not be able to get everything we want.

We dedicated this week’s chat to exploring effective ways to approach and plan for noteworthy events. By thinking ahead and implementing practical strategies, we can optimize our experiences and walk away from future events feeling more satisfied and less financially stressed.

As always, we will also leave time for you to share what’s on your mind.


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