Member Suggestions: How To Invest For Beginners

We love it when our members share resources that are helpful to them. This week, Penny Forward member Julie Kline writes in by email with this investing resource…



“Hi Chris and Moe,

I came across this YouTube video and I think it is one of the more thorough beginner guides to investing I’ve ever seen.  The gentleman’s name is Humphrey Yang. He does a lot of different financial advice videos, and they are usually geared towards younger people.  But this is a really good  guide for people who are either thinking about investing, or have never started investing and would like to. He goes through what some of the investing concepts mean, explains  other Termanology, things to think about before investing, and then does examples of how to place a couple of trades.  He says to feel free and share it,  so if you all find it appropriate or helpful, maybe you can post it to the website or email group.”



Thank you, Julie, for sharing this resource.

If you have a resource you’ve found helpful, let us know by logging into your Penny Forward account or sending us an email to:


Watch The Video Below

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