Announcing Financial Sense¢: Feb. 15, Love Your Budget

This event is open to the public, but to get the zoom information emailed to you, you must either be a member of Penny Forward or on the ACB Community Daily Schedule email list.


Date and Time



1 hour


Attention Penny Forward Supporters

Join us for our monthly public Zoom call, Financial Sense¢. This program is open to the public and is included on the ACB Community Schedule. In addition to our Zoom room, you can access this live on Facebook and Youtube, and it will be in the ACB Community Clubhouse House.


Love Your Budget

It is our pleasure to extend an invitation to this month’s Financial Sense¢ workshop, where we will delve into the intricacies of budgeting styles and the dance of love and finances.


What to expect

  1. Introduction Penny Forward and our Facilitators
    • What is Penny Forward?
    • Who is the Penny Forward Team
    • Who is assisting us from ACB
  2. Lecture Budgeting Styles and The Dance of Love and Finances and How We Can Sweet Talk our Finances
  • Simple budgeting: 50/30/20.
  • Zero-based budgeting: Give every dollar a job.
  • Tactile budgeting: the envelope method.
  • Real-life examples illustrating budgeting practices.
  • Explore how our words about money can shape how we feel about our finances.
  • Demonstrate how to change our words to give us a better outlook on our finances.
  • Explore the connection between love and budgeting in relationships and families.
  • Discuss the impact of emotions on joint financial decisions.
  • Share strategies for creating a harmonious financial partnership.
  • Real-life stories illustrating successful budgeting as a team.
  • Short description on YNAB and how it may help us.
  1. Questions and Answers Interactive Discussion
  • Open the floor for participants to share thoughts and ask questions.
  • Discuss specific challenges participants face in family budgeting.
  • Facilitator provides insights, tips, and guidance based on questions.
  1. Closing Remarks and Resources
  • Summarize key points from the workshop.
  • Provide additional resources for budgeting.
  • Encourage participants to continue the conversation and share their experiences.
  • Introduce next month’s topic.


Grab your partner, bring the family, and let’s create some budgeting magic together! We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


Save the Date

Every 3rd Thursday

7:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Central,  5:30pm Mountain, 4:30pm Pacific.


We will be on zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Clubhouse.



All our members will get the Zoom Event Information emailed on the day of the event.

Those on the ACB Community Daily Schedule email list will get the information from ACB Community in the daily schedule. This will include the clubhouse link and the ACB Media Channel

ACB Clubhouse House Link

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Send any comments or questions to…


The Penny Forward Team



    Send any comments or questions to…


    Thank you for your interest in Penny Forward’s Financial Sense¢ program. By coming together to share our experiences, we can create a more inclusive and accessible financial system for all. We hope to see you on Nov. 16, for this important conversation.

    The Penny Forward Team

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