Announcing 5th Wednesday’s Member Book Discussion

Hey all, it’s MOe,

If your reading this and you’re not yet a member, I wanted to let you in on a new thing we will be starting this Nov. On any month with a 5th Wednesday our weekly members only chat will be a discussion over a financial based book. Again this starts this Nov. I will be leading these discussions. There may also be blog posts leading up to the group chat time that will help keep you on track and help you bring ideas on things to discuss.

You can click here to become a member. 


We are going to start off with a classic, widely available and of course available through NLS BARD.

The total money makeover: a proven plan for financial fitness

By: Dave Ramsey

Radio talk-show host offers his optimistic, comprehensive plan to “get out of debt, regain control, and build wealth.” Debunks money myths about debt consolidation, car leases, credit cards, cash advances, and other schemes. Discusses ways to save money for emergencies, college funds, and retirement. Includes success stories.

Find it here…

NLS BARD Audio Book: DB 59965

NLS BARD Audio Book Spanish: DB103331

Sorry no braille edition check book share.


Ramsey Solutions Hard Cover

Ramsey Solutions Audio Book


Suggest a Book

We are starting off with one I have read, but I would love to hear what you want to read. To reach me please just send an email to…

As I was looking up the info for this book I saw some others I want to read. Our next book discussion wont be till March so please send in suggestions so I have time to review them.


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