Penny Forward Podcast: Tactile Transformation, The Journey of Blind Girl Designs

In this episode of “The Penny Forward Podcast,” hosts Chris, Liz, and Moe interview Tricia Waechter, the founder of Blind Girl Designs. Tricia shares her experience in the fashion industry and starting her own company. She discusses her journey of being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and the challenges she faced. Tricia also talks about the process of setting up her company, the support she received from her family and the blind community, and her design process as a blind individual. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating her blindness into her company’s name and her mission to educate people about blindness.


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Show notes

Guest Blind Girl Designs


Phone: 862-448-1011

Mentioned as a influence to Tricia: Elegant Insights/Laura Legendary


Penny Forward
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Brynn Lee:


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