Penny Forward Podcast: Sewing Seeds and Making Money, Accessible Gardening for Everyone

This is a live recording in which Kim and MOe shared some ideas about visually impaired and blind gardening, and we got feedback from the community. Listen in and take some tips away to save yourself or family a bit of money on fresh tasty goods.


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Show notes

Garden Sleeves on Amazon

Gloves on Amazon

Garden Markers on Amazon

Label Tape on MaxiAids (0.5 inch)

There are 2 sizes of tape, either should work with the garden marker above. There are also many other color options.

Braille Label Maker on MaxiAids

Note I had to keyword search this product. You can also use some slates and the Perkins Brailler with an attachment.

Pen Friend on MaxiAids

Way Around Tags on WayAround 

These are a higher tech option. The tags have a NFC chip in them that when read with a NFC reader will open the Way Around App and read the information you have programed on the tag either by the screen reader on your phone, or by reading the text you have entered. MOe likes this option because it allows you to keep track of more than just the plant type.

Be My Eyes (free visual interpreting service)

Available for both Android and IOS

Aira (subscription based visual interpreting service)

Available for both Android and IOS

App Picture This (plant identification)

Available for both android and IOS

Arrow Gardens on Amazon

Refrigerator Garden

I could not find a commercial product for this suggestion from Chris still available.

NLS Books on Gardening

Audio Books (MOe has read/used tips from most of these. There are many more than listed here.)
Braille Titles


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