Penny Forward Podcast: Breaking Barriers with Blind Shell USA.

Earlier this year we did an episode on discount cellular providers. Little did we know Blind Shell U.S.A. was about to launch a program with their specialized cell phone for the blind through the affordable connectivity program. With Bari and Diane, learn about Blind Shell and all they have to offer.


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Show notes

Blind Shell USA

Blind Shell Mobile

To find out if it is available for your area, select get qualified and enter in; your email and zip code.

Blind Shell App Offerings

Blind Shell Classic 2

Will be at NFB convention and find the Blind Shell Classic 2 at the A.T. Guys for the ACB Convention

Work Force Program


[email protected]

Talking Points:  Every other Thursday 1pm ET livestream to talk about Blind Shell items.

Blind Shell 101:Find Blind Shell USA on the ACB Community Monday’s at 1pm You must sign up for the ACB Community daily email schedule to get the information. Send an email to [email protected]


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