Introduction to Simplifying Social Security

Social Security is a vital program that helps many Americans with disabilities or blindness, but navigating its complexities can be daunting. That’s why this course was created, to help you gain a better understanding of the program, its benefits, and how to access them. Throughout this course, we’ll explore the history and purpose of Social Security, explain the different types of benefits available, and provide guidance on how to determine your eligibility. Additionally, we’ll discuss who to turn to for help if you have any questions or issues. By the end of this course, you’ll have a clearer understanding of Social Security and be better equipped to navigate the process of receiving benefits.

This course is divided into several modules

  • A pretest to help us understand what you already know
  • An Overview of the Social Security Administration
  • An Overview of Social Security Benefits
  • A final exam you must pass before completing the course



If you’re visiting the course for the first time, select the first lesson below. If you’re returning to the course, select the lesson you last visited. Most lessons contain a short quiz on the same page as the lesson itself. You’ll need to pass all quizzes, and the final exam, before completing the course. You can revisit any lesson and retake its quiz at any time.

Completing the Course

When you’ve completed the course, you’ll be given the option to download a resource list and a frameable certificate you can use to show off what you’ve learned. You may also want to share your success on social media. If you have any problems taking the course, use the Contact Penny Forward link on any page, or text or call (888) 332-5558, to contact an instructor.