Wednesday Workshop: Vision Boarding

Date and Time



1 hour


We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to our upcoming Wednesday Workshop: “Vision Boarding for Financial Goals.”

Get ready for an electrifying experience as we dive into the world of financial vision boarding!

Workshop Highlights

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks (5 minutes)

🌟 Let the adventure begin! Get a sneak peek into the exciting ride ahead.

2. Icebreaker Activity: “What Is Your One Big Goal?” (10 minutes)

🚀 Ignite your passion with a dynamic activity that will set the tone for the workshop.

3. Introduction to Vision Boarding (15 minutes)

💡 Discover the power of turning dreams into reality as we unveil the secrets of vision boarding for financial success.

4. Q and A (10 minutes)

🤔 Got burning questions? Fire away! Engage in a rapid-fire Q&A to fuel your curiosity.

5. Sharing and Group Discussion (15 minutes)

🌈 Connect with like-minded individuals, share your aspirations, and engage in a lively discussion about turning dreams into financial triumphs.

6. Closing Remarks and Next Week’s Preview (5 minutes)

🎉 Wrap up the workshop with a bang! Summarize the magic moments and get a sneak peek into the excitement awaiting you next week.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to supercharge your financial journey! Get ready to dream big, achieve bigger, and unlock the secrets to financial success!

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