Wednesday Workshop: Sweet Talk to Your Money

Date and Time



1 hour


Sweet Talk Your Money – A Financial Love Affair

Have you ever noticed that sweet-talking can work wonders? This Valentine’s season, let’s apply the magic to our money matters! Instead of bemoaning our budgets, let’s come together and learn the art of sweet talking about our money and budgets to infuse a little love into our financial mindset.


What to Expect:

  1. Sweet Introductions (5 minutes)
    1. Begin with warm welcomes and introductions.
    2. Share a short phrase describing how you currently feel about your budget or money situation,
  2. The Language of Love & Money Lecture (15 minutes)
    1. Explore the romantic connection between language, mindset, and financial behavior.
    2. Discuss the detrimental effects of negative money language on our financial habits.
    3. Unveil the concept of “sweet talking” as a delightful strategy to positively influence financial behaviors.
  3. Interactive Activity: Love Language Transformation (20 minutes)
    1. Develop a list of common negative financial phrases.
    2. Encourage participants to sweeten these phrases, transforming them into positive and empowering love notes to their finances.
    3. Discuss the newfound sweetness in the virtual room and share the love-infused statements.
  4. Practical Tips and Love Letters (15 minutes)
    1. Share practical tools and tips for infusing positive language into daily financial discussions.
    2. Participants share their heartwarming ideas on how to make their financial self-talk more optimistic and loving.
  5. Group Reflection and Love Notes Restate (10 minutes)
    1. Discuss how participants envision feeling about their finances after this love-infused workshop.
    2. Work together to restate the initial icebreaker phrases into positive and affectionate love notes to one’s financial journey.
  6. Closing and Next Steps (5 minutes)
    1. Express heartfelt gratitude to participants for sharing in this financial love affair.
    2. Encourage participants to continue using positive language and sweet talk their money.
    3. Invite participants to share feedback, creating a love-filled space for future financial growth.

Close with a wish for a Happy, Love Your Budget Month ahead, and may your financial journey be as sweet as your words!

Let’s embark on this journey to sweet talk our money, infusing love into our financial dialogues. Happy, Love Your Budget Month! 💖


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