Wednesday Workshop: Preparing to Prepare Your Tax Return – Does It Have To Be So Much Work?

Date and Time



1 hour


As we approach tax season, are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing your tax return? Join us for our upcoming Wednesday Workshop on March 20th, where we’ll explore ways to simplify the tax preparation process and make it less daunting. 


What To Expect 

  • Introduction and Icebreaker: Get to know fellow participants and test your knowledge with our “Tax Trivia” icebreaker activity. 


  • Brief Lecture: Learn essential tips and techniques for preparing to file your tax return, including the documents you need, the information required, and how organizing your financial life can save you time. (15 minutes) 


  • Q&A Session: Have your burning questions about tax preparation answered by our knowledgeable facilitator. (5 minutes) 


  • Discussion: Share your best tax time hacks and collaborate with others to create a list of time-saving strategies for organizing financial documents. (10 minutes) 


  • Penny Forward News (10 minutes): Stay updated with the latest financial news and insights from Penny Forward. 


  • Conclusion and Next Week’s Topic (5 minutes): Wrap up the workshop with key takeaways and a glimpse into what’s in store for next week’s session. 


Whether you’re a seasoned tax filer or facing tax preparation for the first time, this workshop is designed to provide you with practical insights and tools to streamline the process. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to take the stress out of tax season and join us for an informative and engaging discussion. 

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