Wednesday Workshop: Crafting Your Retirement Strategy

Date and Time



1 hour


Are you ready to take control of your financial future and craft a retirement plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations? Join us for an enlightening workshop where we’ll explore the intricacies of traditional retirement and the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement.

Introduction and Icebreaker (10 minutes)

  • Welcome participants and introduce the workshop’s theme of retirement planning.
  • Facilitate an icebreaker activity to encourage participants to share their current retirement goals or aspirations.

1. Understanding Traditional Retirement (10 minutes)

  • Define traditional retirement and discuss common retirement goals and expectations.
  • Explore the traditional retirement age and factors influencing retirement decisions.
  • Provide an overview of traditional retirement planning strategies, including saving for retirement, employer-sponsored plans, and Social Security.
  • Discuss common investment options and retirement income sources.

2. Introduction to the FIRE Movement (10 minutes)

  • Explain the concept of Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) and its principles.
  • Discuss the growing popularity of the FIRE movement and its impact on retirement planning.
  • Explore key principles of the FIRE movement, such as aggressive saving, frugality, and passive income generation.
  • Discuss strategies for achieving financial independence at an earlier age and maintaining sustainable lifestyles.

3. Comparing Traditional Retirement and FIRE (10 minutes)

  • Highlight key differences between traditional retirement and the FIRE movement, including lifestyle choices and financial strategies.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each approach to retirement planning.

4. Crafting Your Retirement Strategy (10 minutes)

  • Guide participants through a self-assessment exercise to identify their retirement goals, values, and priorities.
  • Discuss how to align personal values with financial goals and create a customized retirement strategy.

Q&A and Discussion (5 minutes):

  • Open the floor for participants to ask questions and share their thoughts on traditional retirement and the FIRE movement.

Closing and Penny Forward Updates (5 minutes):

  • Summarize key takeaways from the workshop, emphasizing the importance of crafting a retirement strategy aligned with personal values and goals.
  • Provide a brief update on Penny Forward initiatives, upcoming events, or resources related to financial capability.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain clarity and confidence in your retirement planning journey. Take the first step towards crafting a retirement strategy that empowers you to live your best life. Together, let’s explore the possibilities of traditional retirement and the FIRE movement, and chart a course towards financial independence and fulfillment.

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