Wednesday Workshop: 🚀 Get Ready to Vent and Invent

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1 hour


We’re excited to invite you to this Wednesday’s Workshop—it’s gonna be a blast! 🎉
We’re diving into the wild world of “Things We Hate.” 😤 But hold on, it’s not just a gripe session! We’re turning our dislikes into dollar signs! 💸
Ever think, “Man, I wish someone else could do this for me”? Well, that’s exactly what we’re getting into. By sharing the things we hate doing, we’re aiming to spark ideas for kickass services we wish existed.
Imagine turning your pet peeves into opportunities! 🚀 Whether it’s folding laundry, handling spreadsheets, or deciphering hieroglyphic emails, there’s someone out there who LOVES doing it. And guess what? They’d be thrilled to get paid for it!
This workshop is all about connecting the haters with the lovers, creating a win-win where everyone gets to do what they’re good at and cash in on it. 💪
Join us for some laughs, brainstorming, and maybe a bit of venting. Let’s turn our gripes into goldmines and see how we can level up our income by doing what we love (and avoiding what we hate).
it’s gonna be a party you won’t wanna miss!


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