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Title: “The Total Money Makeover,” Debt Myths: Debt Is (Not) a Tool) and Money Myths: The (Non) Secrets of the Rich

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Author: Dave Ramsey

Description: Radio talk-show host offers his optimistic, comprehensive plan to “get out of debt, regain control, and build wealth.” Debunks money myths about debt consolidation, car leases, credit cards, cash advances, and other schemes. Discusses ways to save money for emergencies, college funds, and retirement. Includes success stories. 2003.

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What to Expect

This week you were to read:

  1. Debt Myths: Debt Is (Not) a Tool
  2. Money Myths: The (Non) Secrets of the Rich

These are the chapters we will be discussing.

Stay on Track

Read Chapters:

  1. Two More Hurdles: Ignorance and Keeping Up with the Joneses
  2. Save $1,000 Fast: Walk Before You Run

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