Tuesday’s Turning Pages Book Brunch

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1 hour


Discover the missing piece from our successful 5th Wednesday book discussions! Dive into a unique literary experience every Tuesday morning at our ‘Tuesday’s Turning Pages Book Brunch.’ Delve into insightful discussions on financially based books and actively explore their suggestions as we read together. All featured books in our book brunch series are accessible in the NLS Catalog, free for blind individuals to sign up. Additionally, many titles are available in various formats on Amazon and other platforms.

In this engaging book club, we’ll focus on one book for two months, allowing ample time to absorb and discuss the material. The reading workload between meetings will vary based on each book, ensuring a flexible and enjoyable experience for all participants. Join us on Tuesdays for a flavorful blend of finance and literature!

What to Expect

This week you were to read Chapter 3: Hella Options, AKA Bank Accounts. This is the chapter we will be discussing.

Stay on track

Read Chapter 4: Hella Freedom, AKA Saving Money.

Book Information

Title: Money Out Loud, Chapter 3: Hella Options, AKA Bank Accounts

Find on NLS: 117606DB
Author: Berna Anat

Description: “In this nonfiction teen book, “financial hype woman” Berna Anat explains all the stuff young adults need to know about personal finance, covering everything from how and why to make a budget, to understanding the inequalities of our economy and how to work to change them.” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers.

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