Ramsey Solutions Live Event: Take Control of Your Student Loands

Date and Time



Sept. 12


Special Note

This item was suggested to Penny Forward to share. We have no connections to the webinar itself, and yet feel it may be of interest to our readers, so we are passing the information along.


Ramsey Student Loan Live Event

This event is being held by Ramsey Solutions on Tuesday, September 12th at 7pm CT.


What You Will Learn

Taken from the website.

How toxic the student loan industry is. How to get rid of your student loans for good. How to afford your student loan payment.


Further information

You will want to register on the website.

Follow this link.

Please note this does not seem to be as accessible as some of the other events we have seen Ramsey Solutions hold. The title of the event does not appear to be a heading, therefore the box to enter your email in is above the first heading on the page, as well as the other information about the event itself.