Members Only Group Chat: Investing Part 3, Making Informed Choices by Comparing Different Investment Account Options

Date and Time



1 hour


July 21

Making Informed Choices: Comparing Different Investment Account Options

Join us again for this week’s members-only group chat, where we’ll present part three of our four-part series on investing. Investing is complex, but we aim to break it down into simple concepts and steps you can use to get started growing your money.

Last week we talked about how to open and use an investment account to buy and sell securities and keep track of your investments. There are quite a few different types of investment accounts, though, and each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. We’ll compare and contrast educational savings accounts, ABLE accounts, flexible dependent care spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and employer-sponsored retirement plans (401Ks and 403Bs). We’ll also talk briefly about special accounts only available to veterans or United States government employees.

And, as always, we’ll talk about the financial news of the day and leave time to talk about anything you have on your mind.


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