Member submitted: 🎉 a Festive Virtual Thank You and End-Of-Year Celebration! 🎉

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2 hours


Submitted by Penny Forward member Jeremy Grandstaff

🎉 a festive Thank You and End-Of-Year Celebration! 🎉
🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 All Our Welcome; share widely with your networks! This is my way of giving back to each of you and to my professional community. read on for more. 🔻
✨ Purpose: Let’s come together for a collaborative and festive virtual celebration! – Join us as we strengthen our bonds among diverse colleagues, learn about other cultures, uncover new connections, and take a moment to express gratitude. Join the conversation! 🎙️
🎊 There are Incentives: You’ll get the opportunities to highlight your 2023 wins, learn how others  observe the holidays, and meet up with new and existing connections.
📈  And, when you participate in the entire event, You’ll have a chance to win a LinkedIn Audit, a resume review, A Professional Growth Audit, and even more tools to enhance your 2024! Multiple winners will be drawn; over $1500 in total prizes donated by hosting partners.
💬 RSVP today and let’s make this virtual holiday celebration memorable, exciting, and a fun time for all! Remember, share with all, the more we have, the more exciting the event will be for you.
💯 This event is cost-free for you – the only cost is your time and your engagement. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!
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🚀 A special thanks to Chris Peterson & the Penny Forward Community for helping to spread the word: Together, we are helping blind people with accessible financial education and resources to build brighter futures one penny at a time.

🔗Summary Agenda and Approach🫱🏼‍🫲🏽
🌟 10 Min: Welcome, Approach review, logistics, & A Special Recognition & Thank You From Jeremy
🌟 25 min: Wins & Gratitude-to increase our understanding of our own successes and the journeys that helped us create our wins. (Small group collaborative activity with report out)
🌟 25 min: Celebrations & What’s Next-To increase our understanding of diverse ways to honor the end of the year and holidays; to help us achieve greater things in 2024. (Small group collaborative activity with report out)
🌟 10 min: The take aways and Being Strategic-To increase our understanding of how 2024 is craftable and accessible to all. (Learning moment-from jeremy to you)
🌟 20 min: Wrapping up, Prizes, partner hosts, and Celebrate.–Did you win?

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