Digging Out Of Debt: A Guide To Conquering Overwhelming Debt

Overwhelming debt is a very emotional topic. Search the Internet or talk to your family and friends and you’ll quickly find that they have a variety of opinions about borrowing money, paying it back, and how to avoid trouble. The truth is that most people find themselves needing to borrow money at some point in their lives and some of them find themselves regretting that decision later. This course is about what you can do if you find yourself in trouble after borrowing money. You’ll learn:

  • Why people find themselves in debt and why they decide to dig out
  • What you can do, yourself, to dig out of debt
  • How you can get help and the pros and cons of each approachh
Module 1 What You Already Know
Lesson 1 Before We Begin  
Lesson 2 Pretest  
Lesson 3 Pretest Complete  
Module 2 Introduction
Lesson 1 About This Course  
Lesson 2 Making Extra Payments  
Module 3 Do It Yourself
Lesson 1 The Debt Avalanche Plan  
Lesson 2 The Debt Snowball Plan  
Lesson 3 The Debt Tornado Plan  
Lesson 4 Conclusion  
Module 4 Get Help
Lesson 1 Debt Consolidation  
Lesson 2 Credit Counseling  
Lesson 3 Debt Settlement  
Lesson 4 Bankruptcy  
Lesson 5 Conclusion  
Module 5 Course Completion
Lesson 1 Final Exam  
Lesson 2 Course Satisfaction Survey  
Lesson 3 Resource List And Course Completion Certificate