Do you want to raise your credit score but you’re not sure how? Are you confused by terms and concepts you don’t understand? Have you gotten into trouble with credit before and want to learn how to avoid trouble again? Are you afraid to use credit because you know someone who has gotten into trouble and you want to avoid making the mistakes they did? This course will help you to understand common credit terms and concepts so you can confidently build your credit reputation while avoiding the mistakes that so many people make when using credit.

You’ll learn:

  • How lenders use your credit reputation to decide whether or not to lend you money
  • How credit scores make that decision easier and faster for many lenders
  • Why some people have high credit scores and others don’t
  • Behaviors that will, if you use them consistently, raise your credit scores and keep you out of trouble


Module 1What You Already Know
Lesson 1Before We Begin
Lesson 2Pretest
Lesson 3Pretest Complete
Module 2Credit Reputation
Lesson 1Why Credit Reputation Matters
Lesson 2What Are Credit Reports
Lesson 3What Are Credit Scores
Lesson 4On time Payments and Credit Utilization Ratio
Lesson 5Credit Age And Credit Mix
Lesson 6Credit Inquiries
Lesson 7Healthy Credit Habits
Module 3Course Completion
Lesson 1Final Exam
Lesson 2Course Satisfaction Survey
Lesson 3Resource List And Course Completion Certificate