Before We Begin

Before we begin, here are some things to know about taking this course.

All courses are divided into several modules. For example, a course may include:

  • A pretest to help us understand what you already know
  • A series of short lessons and quizzes that will walk you through important concepts
  • A final exam you must pass before completing the course

Each module is further divided into one or more lessons. Each available lesson is shown as a link. Clicking on the link takes you to a separate page containing the lesson itself. As you complete each lesson, the next lesson becomes available. Many lessons include a quiz which you may need to pass before continuing to the next lesson. If a lesson contains a quiz, the quiz will appear on the same page as the lesson.

The home page of each course contains a course outline table which describes the modules and lessons that make up the course. Use your screen reader’s table navigation commands to navigate the course outline.

If you’re visiting a course for the first time, click on the first lesson to start the course. If you’re returning to the course, click on the lesson you last visited.

Use your screen reader’s heading navigation commands to navigate each lesson. You’ll need to pass all quizzes, and the final exam, before completing the course. You can revisit any lesson and retake its quiz at any time. When you’ve completed the course, you’ll be given the option to download a resource list and a frameable certificate you can use to show off what you’ve learned. You may also want to share your success on social media. If you have any problems taking the course, use the Contact Penny Forward link on any page, or text or call (888) 332-5558, to contact an instructor.