Penny Forward Podcast S2E10 Building Wealth With A Financial Planner

When it comes to saving, investing, and planning for the future, do you ever find yourself wondering whether you should do it yourself or ask someone else for help? It’s a difficult decision to make, and we often don’t ask someone for help until we’ve made mistakes that make us feel ashamed and embarrassed about what we’ve done. To make matters more difficult, we often don’t know what type of professional to hire in the first place. We invited Tyler Cook, a certified financial planner with Parable Wealth Partners in Edina Minnesota, on to tell us who a financial planner is, what a financial planner does, where you might find one, when you might choose to hire one, and why a financial planner might be a professional that you’d want to employ to help you grow your wealth and make solid plans to secure your future.

To learn more about the standards governing certified financial planners, or to find a certified financial planner that may be right for you, visit or use the Broker Check tool provided by

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