Book Review: Money Out Loud, All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us

by MOe Carpenter

Reviewer’s Thoughts:

Money Out Loud was our March/April Tuesday’s Turning Pages Book Brunch selection. This book offers a fresh, youthful perspective on money with a lot of energy. Berna covers popular topics such as making a budget, investing, banking, credit cards, and how we can shape the future with our dollar.

This book is wonderful for those who are just starting to handle their own finances. The author explains many terms and provides a solid foundation for her topics. She shares her personal stories and those of others she knows. In my opinion, it is best suited for individuals who are single and possibly right out of high school or college, without extensive real-world experience. It also delves into minority experiences more than other financial books I have read, exploring how their cultural attitudes toward money differ from the typical Western perspective. The book begins by prompting readers to identify their personal money stories and progresses to creating an ideal retirement vision.

While I appreciated the author’s perspective, I found the book lacking in more advanced financial concepts. While interest is discussed extensively, there are other bank products that are not addressed much if at all, such as; personal loans, mortgages, and money market accounts. Beyond student loans, loans are really not addressed. However, this aspect made it ideal for discussion in our book brunches, allowing us to dive deeper into these topics. As someone with a family and a spouse, I personally found it difficult to relate to the author due to our differing lifestyles. Nevertheless, as a minority, I appreciated the detailed exploration of perspectives beyond the “hella white, hella male, and hella stale” narrative.

In conclusion, if you are just beginning your financial journey or enjoy learning about diverse perspectives on money, I absolutely recommend this book. It is also suitable for those interested in understanding the underlying reasons behind financial decisions. However, if you are seeking a more advanced finance book, this may not be the right choice. I also suggest considering the audio book version narrated by the author, whose energy is truly engaging.

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Tuesday Turning Pages Book Brunch – Penny Forward

BARD Information:

Title: Money Out Loud, All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us

Author: Berna Anat (Read by the author.)

Find on NLS BARD: DB 117606


“In this nonfiction teen book, “financial hype woman” Berna Anat explains all the stuff young adults need to know about personal finance, covering everything from how and why to make a budget, to understanding the inequalities of our economy and how to work to change them.” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers.

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