Wednesday Workshop: Business Enterprise Program Presentation

Date and Time



1 hour


Are you a blind or visually impaired entrepreneur looking to gain valuable insights and practical advice from a successful business owner? Our final workshop of June, “Business Brilliance: An Experienced Entrepreneur Shares Strategies for Success,” is designed to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to thrive in your entrepreneurial journey. 

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What to Expect 

Introduction )10 minutes) 

  • Ice breaker, what is one thing holding you back from starting a business? 
  • Introduction of guest, Nik Petersson. 
  • Overview of what will be discussed. 

Blind Business Owner Experience (40 minutes) 

Wrap Up (10 minutes) 

  • Questions from the audience. 
  • Penny Forward Updates. 
  • Members share their feedback. 
  • Next workshop’s topic. 

Join us for an insightful session that will provide you with the knowledge and tools to succeed as a blind business owner. Learn from the experiences of a successful entrepreneur and connect with a community of like-minded individuals! 

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