Wednesday Workshop: Budgeting Basics

Date and Time



1 hour


We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming workshop titled “Budgeting Basics.” This workshop is designed to provide you with essential insights into different budgeting styles and help you build a positive mindset towards budgeting.


Workshop Agenda

  1. Icebreaker Activity (15 minutes): Introductions and Emotions
    • What is your name?
    • Where do you live?
    • What one word describes how you feel about budgeting?
  2. Short Lecture (20 minutes): Budgeting Styles
  • Simple budgeting: 50/30/20.
  • Zero-based budgeting: Give every dollar a job.
  • Tactile budgeting: the envelope method.
  • Real-life examples illustrating budgeting practices.
  1. Questions and Answers (10 minutes): Interactive Discussion
  • Open the floor for participants to share thoughts and ask questions.
  • Discuss specific challenges participants face in budgeting.
  • Facilitator provides insights, tips, and guidance based on questions.
  1. Brainstorming Activity (15 minutes): Building a Positive Budgeting Mindset
  • Brainstorm and share ideas on fostering a positive mindset towards budgeting.
  • Discuss practical ways to integrate budgeting into daily habits.
  1. Closing Remarks and Resources (5 minutes):
  • Summarize key points from the workshop.
  • Provide additional resources for budgeting.
  • Encourage participants to continue the conversation and share their experiences.
  • Introduce next week’s topic.


We believe that this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective budgeting. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


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