Monthly Member Meetup

Date and Time



1 hour


Sept. 11


Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Our monthly member meetups are an exciting opportunity for our members to come together, build connections, and explore the Penny Forward community. It’s the perfect occasion for new members to get acquainted with the platform and for existing members to welcome new members.

One of the primary objectives of the member meetup is to encourage open communication. Members can ask questions, share insights, and participate in interactive discussions related to saving, budgeting, credit, investing, and any other topic that piques their interest. We believe that learning from one another’s experiences is invaluable in the journey toward financial wellness.

Throughout the meetup, our knowledgeable team members will be on hand to lead the session and provide detailed information about the various services offered within the Penny Forward app and on the Penny Forward website. This is the ideal moment to explore the app’s features, learn how to maximize its potential, and discover the wide array of resources available on our website.

Additionally, the monthly member meetup is an occasion to announce any exciting updates, improvements, or upcoming events. It’s our way of keeping our community informed and engaged, ensuring that everyone has the chance to make the most of their Penny Forward experience.

Whether you’re just starting your financial journey or are already well on your way, our monthly member meetup is the place to be. Join us on the first Monday of each month at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, and let’s embark on the path to financial success together.


How to access

Note this month was delayed one week for the Labor Day Holiday.

This is an informal meetup every first Monday of the month.

Time: 5:00pm ET, 4:00pm CT, 3:00pm MT, 2:00pm PT

These chats are for all membership types. If you wish to join and are not yet a member you can…

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