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Penny Forward is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization founded and led by blind people. Through education, mentoring, and mutual support, we help each other learn to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance.

We offer self-paced online financial education courses, weekly and monthly interactive chats about personal finance topics of interest to the blind community, and one to one financial counsling provided by blind financial counselors.

We’re excited to be expanding fast, and our 2024 – 2026 Strategic Plan explains what we’ll do and how you can help.

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  • Blind Health Expo 12/01/2023: (2 days) Dec. 1 Penny Forward is exhibiting at Accessible Pharmacy’s Blind Health Expo 2023 on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2! The Blind Health Expo will be the largest virtual expo of healthcare information for individuals who are blind, DeafBlind or have low vision. #BlindHealthExpo   Registration Information To register to attend for free, come…
  • Monthly Member Meetup 12/04/2023: 4:00 pm (1 hour) Let’s Get To Know Each Other Our monthly member meetups are an exciting opportunity for our members to come together, build connections, and explore the Penny Forward community. It’s the perfect occasion for new members to get acquainted with the platform and for existing members to welcome new members. One of the primary objectives of…
  • Early Access Podcast Episode Released To Members: To be Announced 12/05/2023: 6:00 am () In addition to our online courses, members-only group chats, weekly newsletter, and access to one to one financial counseling, Penny Forward members are able to access every Penny Forward podcast episode one week early. Join Penny Forward today to access all of our membership benefits.
  • Members Only Group Chat: To be announced 12/06/2023: 6:30 pm (1 hour)

    Members only group chats let members and instructors come together to support and learn from each other. No topic is off-limits if it’s related to making, managing, or growing your money.

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Penny Forward is proud to partner with Tricia, from Blind Girl Designs, to offer Penny Forward T-shirts, sweatshirts, and large tote bags, all imprinted with a design that highlights Penny Forward’s mission to build inclusive financial education programs for people who are blind or disabled.

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Your donations help blind and disabled people learn to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance through online courses and group and one to one mentoring. Please donate $19 per month to continue this life-changing work.

$5,876.00 given by 30 donors since September 1st, 2021.

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Are you passionate about creating a more inclusive world for the blind community and helping them achieve financial independence? We invite you to be a part of our transformative journey by joining one or more of our action teams: Content, Communications, and Operations. These teams are the driving force behind our mission, and we need your support to bring our strategies to life.

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