Book Review: The Courage to Be Rich

Reviewer’s Thoughts:

One of the main points taught in this book is a saying Ms. Orman uses pretty regularly: people first, money second, then things. The book covers a lot of topics: debt, responsible use of credit cards, staying current with your bills, guidance on how to handle student loans, work, financial intimacy between partners, preparing for retirement, and other topics people may find helpful. There are also some interesting case studies and interactive exercises. While the written exercises are helpful and will make you think if you take the time to do them, there are some principles I would handle differently than what this book teaches. I would also point out that this is an older book, so some of the contact information for places listed–like the credit agencies–may be out of date. Still, if you find yourself in debt or with money due for student loans, it gives you some practical steps to pay them off. And it will give you some things to think about before taking on a credit card, or if you already have one, whether you will want to continue using it.

The book isn’t just about debt management, but the review would be too long if I went into the other areas. What I liked about the book is that she will challenge a lot of the assumptions that are out there, and she gives you questions to ask yourself before making major decisions.  It covers a lot of the life stages most people will go through, from just starting out to dealing with issues that may come up in old age.

BARD Information:

The courage to be rich: creating a life of material and spiritual abundance DB 48034
Orman, Suze. Reading time 14 hours, 3 minutes.
Read by Pam Ward. A production of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress.

Subjects: Consumer Issues, Personal Finance

Description: Author of The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom (DB 46126) presents a plan for achieving monetary and spiritual well-being. Describes courage as faith, determination, a sense of self-worth, and the vision to create a rich and abundant life. Explores the value of money, the rewards wealth bestows, and the responsibilities it confers. Bestseller.

Digital talking book. 2 levels and 35 navigation points. Analog to digital conversion.
Recorded from: New York : Riverhead Books, 1999.

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