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Are you passionate about creating a more inclusive world for the blind community and helping them achieve financial independence? We invite you to be a part of our transformative journey by joining one or more of our action teams: Content, Communications, and Operations. These teams are the driving force behind our mission, and we need your support to bring our strategies to life. Here’s how you can get involved and make a meaningful impact:

Content Team: Create reputable Education, Programs, and Offerings

Goal: Create engaging and accessible content that strengthens the financial independence of blind people and showcases their capabilities.

Action Plans:

  • Ensure universal member access to all content by conducting reviews and satisfaction surveys.
  • Comprehend requirements and content through surveys, metrics analysis, and data collection.
  • Set a consistent content creation schedule to address member needs and deliver courses aligned with completion data.
  • Diversify content offerings to encompass audio and video formats.
  • Create a toolkit showcasing the capabilities of the blind community.
  • Diversify content beyond web-based delivery through podcast and website analysis.
  • Elevate content quality with high-level discussions and exclusive coaching sessions.

Communications Team: Build a strong Brand and Communications

Goal: Increase awareness of Penny Forward and create opportunities for meaningful engagement in our work.

Action Plans:

  • Develop and execute an outreach strategy to connect with schools, agencies, and organizations supporting the blind community.
  • Enhance engagement with summer and youth/adult camps and programs.
  • Distribute a monthly public newsletter and expand readership.
  • Amplify visibility and participate in national conferences and state conventions.
  • Strengthen engagement with financial education organizations targeting other minority groups.
  • Enhance influence and engagement on social media.
  • Promote through advertisements or contribute content to radio reading services and stations.

Operations Team: Guide us toward long-term Growth and Success

Goal: Build the capacity of Penny Forward to secure funding, establish paid staff, and expand board and stakeholder involvement.

Action Plans:

  • Attain a diverse and stable funding base through grants and budget goals.
  • Shift towards establishing paid staff and appoint a full-time CEO.
  • Establish a stakeholder advisory committee.
  • Enhance the Board’s composition and overall influence with a responsibilities document and training.
  • Expand and diversify the Board to reflect the diversity of the membership and transition to a governance model.

Join us today and be a part of the change! Your expertise, dedication, and passion can make a real difference in the lives of the blind community. Together, we can build a more inclusive and financially independent future.

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