A Message from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Alumni Association

Dear GDB Alumni,

In 2023, 185 of you participated in a Rideshare survey. This survey was developed by the GDB Alumni Association Board of Directors and distributed to help gather data around the continuing issue of Rideshare denials. Your efforts and participation yielded undeniable results.

Recently GDB released these results to enhance the general public’s awareness of this issue; and to promote change among Rideshare agencies and drivers.

To review the results please click  here

The survey and results were also part of a Michigan news broadcast: Survey Results

What can you do? In addition to sharing the results and information; here are tips that can help you advocate for yourself and others. As well as information for reporting a denial.


When booking and waiting for your ride:

  • You are not obligated to inform the company or drivers that you are accompanied by a guide-dog.
  • You are not restricted to the “pet service” options. You have the right to ANY service options ridesharing or taxi companies offer. In addition to being unnecessary and more expensive, these options may limit the number of potential drivers responding to your request.
  • For your records, once a ride is booked and a driver is assigned, take a screenshot of the open app which includes the driver’s name, vehicle and license plate number, and estimated arrival time.
  • A few minutes prior to your estimated pickup, call or message the driver to inform them precisely where you are waiting; that you will not be able to locate them visually; and that you have a service dog. Take a screenshot of this message as proof of your efforts to communicate with your driver.
  • When the app informs you of your driver’s arrival, take a photo of the car with your smart phone for proof that your ride showed up (or showed up and left). If you use a live visual assistance app such as Aira or Be My Eyes, that service can assist in locating the vehicle for you to then capture a photo.
  • If the driver has an issue with providing a ride because you are traveling with a guide dog, DO NOT CANCEL THE RIDE VIA THE APP.  If you do cancel, you will be charged a cancellation fee, and the incident will not be accurately reflected in the driver’s records as having turned down your request.
  • During an active or confrontational denial of service use your smart phone’s video or audio-recording feature to create a record of your negative experiences with the rideshare provider

Reporting rideshare denials:

Filing a discrimination complaint with the appropriate government authority, and National Federation for the Blind (NFB), provides government regulators and watchdogs with data to address civil rights discrimination more effectively. Reporting denials directly to ride share companies helps hold the driver and the rideshare company accountable.

  • Share your experience with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Rideshare Discrimination Survey via its NFB’s Rideshare Survey. (NFB led the 2016-2020 agreement with Uber to report and gather data on discrimination against guide dog teams. NFB continues to collect data for future advocacy efforts.)
  • As complaints of rideshare discrimination against service-dog handlers persist, advocates have reached out to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Civil Rights Division for better law enforcement. Reporting your personal discrimination experience to the DOJ provides needed data to justify legal actions. Visit the Department of Justice website to report a civil rights violation through a simple, easy-to-use online form, or call 855-856-1247.
  • If a driver denies you service, inform them that it is against the law to refuse a service dog and that you will be filing a discrimination report with the company.
  • If denied, follow the prompt on the rideshare company’s app to report a service animal ride denial.
  • Contact one or more of the relevant following companies or agencies where appropriate:

Here are links and contact information to file reports against guide-dog discrimination in Canada:

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