There’s still time to help Get Penny Forward a Braille Embosser

10.14% of the way there!

We are still looking for up to 202 donors to help make our dream a reality.

As you may be running short on time to get those seasonal gifts mailed, may we suggest a gift of donating to something that will keep on giving to an underserved population?

It takes just $25 to ensure that we can expand the ways we can provide personal finance education to those that are blind and low vision.


Our story…

Since we incorporated in September, 2021, Penny Forward has built a great foundation to help blind people build bright futures. We’ve produced nearly 50 podcast episodes, held 11 public Zoom webinars, 41 members only group chats, 23 hours of one to one financial counseling, and launched three online financial education courses.

In 2023, we intend to hold many more in-person events starting with an appearance at the American Council Of The Blind of Minnesota’s state convention in January.


What we are asking for…

We need to be able to provide Braille handouts at our events, therefore  we are asking for your help to raise $5,624.00 to purchase a Braille Embosser, thereby allowing us to produce those handouts.

The VP Delta 2 Braille embosser from ViewPlus Technologies will allow us to produce high-quality double-sided Braille handouts with tactile graphics at over 400 pages per hour.

These handouts will allow presenters to deliver more information in a shorter period of time and allow Braille reading participants to refer back to information given during the event, or access the presenters contact information, at a later time.


Become a Donor

We are sure you’ll agree that this is an expensive, but vital, piece of office equipment for any organization that serves people who are blind, so please click the following URL to make a tax-deductible donation today.

(Below is an image of a goal tracking thermometer, actual alt text coming soon.)








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