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A Special Request from the Board Autumn is coming, and for many of you, it will be full of pumpkin spice, cooler temperatures, and beautiful fall colors. And, for Penny Forward (like many other nonprofits), the Fall also brings strategic planning, budgeting, and a time for reflective conversations around what’s working, what could be working […]

Attention Penny Forward supporters We are excited to invite you to this month’s edition of the Financial Sense¢ program, where we will be delving into a topic that affects us all: food waste. According to a December 2022 Fortune article, it was revealed that Americans squander approximately one-third of the food they purchase. Shockingly, this […]

This week is part 1 of our discussion with The Blind History Lady. She had so many fantastic stories to share we decided to spread them out over 2 episodes. This week we learn about Marie’s story and the process Peggy uses to research, and who she does research on.   Select here to see […]

Blindness is something that is not new. Come with us as we hear some of the stories of our blind community from The Blind History Lady.   Select here to listen to the audio podcast and see the show notes…   Transcript Pre-episode Intro   Peggy: Some of the people that I really admire in […]

“Whether someone wants to be independent with their finances is their absolute decision…but what I don’t want that decision to be based around is the fact that someone cannot see anymore…I want to help [people] realize that there are options.” – Liz Bottner   Announcement This past week Penny Forward’s President and Vise President were […]

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