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We are excited to be holding Penny Forward’s upcoming Financial Sense¢ program, “Smart Phone Showdown.” The program will take place on Thursday, June 15th, and will be hosted on both Clubhouse and Zoom. We invite you to register for the Zoom room information now to join the discussion. This will be the only way to get the zoom information. If you are having trouble registering, and want to participate through Zoom, simply send us an email and we will make sure you get registered.
Thank you to all of those that have already registered for our Financial Sense¢ series. This will be our last email out to the general public for tomorrows event, and those that are registered, or are part of our Financial Sense¢ email list, will get a reminder tomorrow.


Save the Date

June 15, 2023.

7:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Central,  5:30pm Mountain, 4:30pm Pacific.


What to expect

Are you ready for an engaging discussion on smartphones and accessibility? Join us at our upcoming Financial Sense¢ event where we’ll dive into the Android vs. Apple debate and explore the preferences of the blind community. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a budget-conscious individual, or simply curious about the topic, this event is for you!

At this event, we will focus on the comparison between Android and Apple phones, specifically addressing their accessibility features and price points. Our main discussion points will include:

1️⃣ Android Phones: An Economical Choice:

  • Explore the affordability of Android phones, ideal for those on a budget.
  • Discuss the various accessible features and tools available on Android devices.
  • Share personal experiences and success stories of blind individuals using Android phones.

2️⃣ Apple Phones: Dominance in the Blind Community:

  • Understand the popularity of Apple phones among the blind community.
  • Examine the accessibility features and benefits unique to Apple devices.
  • Hear firsthand accounts from blind individuals who have found Apple phones to be a valuable choice.

3️⃣ Android vs. Apple: Which Is Right for You?

  • Share your experiences and preferences regarding Android or Apple phones.
  • Discuss the accessibility features that make your chosen platform the best fit for your needs.
  • Delve into the factors influencing your decision, including accessibility, price, and personal satisfaction.

We encourage you to express your opinions, ask questions, and engage in lively discussions. By hearing diverse perspectives, we can gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

So, whether you’re currently an Android or Apple user, or perhaps contemplating a switch to a more affordable option, this event promises to provide valuable insights. We’ll address the accessibility, pricing, and any other crucial aspects that may influence your decision.


We will be on zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Clubhouse.

Register for Zoom information

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Send any comments or questions to…

[email protected]


Thank you for your interest in Penny Forward’s Financial Sense¢ program. By coming together to share our experiences, we can create a more inclusive and accessible financial system for all. We hope to see you tomorrow , for this important conversation.

The Penny Forward Team

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