Penny Forward Podcast S2022E4 Seeing The World In Ways You Never Imagined

Have you always believed that you could only make a living if you went to college? George Wurtzel was the star of a 2018 Subaru Outback commercial, but he is also a blind woodworker and craftsman who believes that blind people can be successful in any type of job. In part 1 of a two part interview, we’ll learn how George’s talent and resilience helped him to succeed throughout his 50-year woodworking career, and what it was like to film that famous Subaru commercial.


You can learn more about George by visiting his Wikipedia page at or by visiting his web site,


A full text transcript of this episode can be found at


The Penny Forward podcast is about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. Listen by asking your smart speaker to play the podcast, “Penny Forward”, searching for “Penny Forward” using your favorite podcast app, or by visiting



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