We want to know how to make, keep, and grow money on the Penny Forward podcast, and making money usually involves finding a job, or starting a business. Ron Brooks has done both, and we invited him on to learn how he did it, and what he thinks it takes for other blind people to achieve the same success.

Learn more about Ron‚Äôs company, Accessible Avenue, by visiting his web site at https://www.accessibleavenue.net¬†A full text transcript of this episode can be found at ¬†http://pennyforward.com/penny-forward-transcript-s2e5-the-avenue-to-success/transcript-s2e4-healing-through-healing/¬†The Penny Forward podcast is about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. Subscribe by searching for ‚ÄúPenny Forward‚ÄĚ using your favorite podcast app, ask your smart speaker to play the podcast, ‚ÄúPenny Forward‚ÄĚ, check out the Penny Forward YouTube channel, or listen to all of our past episodes or read transcripts at http://pennyforward.com¬†Continue the conversation in our private Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/819788175135724

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